Daily Driver “Dealer Mobile App”

Branded in the Dealerships Name this powerful mobile marketing solution puts your dealership in the hands in 88% of your customer base for close to 3 hours a day. Over 90% of car buyers will search for vehicles online before purchasing. Mobile Applications provide the best user experience. Loyalty begins while searching provide everything they need while making their choice. Provide your manufacture produced video side by side of your inventory with an app they will never leave your app. Stay in control, don’t let them drift off take them to your call to action.

We have heard it all and in our beta sites its not the brand that drives downloads. It’s cooperation from your web master to identify the device and direct them to iTunes or Google play. Your downloads will be dramatic, keeping your app of the phone is a matter of process. Provide not just coupons but multi-media infotainment, see the Super Bowl adds? How about the cover of Sports Illustrated? Did you make to the Geneva Auto Show? Give them the experience, it might motivate them into a dealership visit.

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