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    Genie BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) "Finally a Cloud Based BHPH Application that Works!"

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Genie Buy Here Pay Here SAAS

Who we are

We are the grandfather of the modern CRM solution, now leading automotive retailers to the elusive ROI in Social Media Marketing with “Genie Social” the first Social Media Marketing application. It compliments “Daily Driver” a dealer branded mobile application with controversial geo-fencing functionality, a must have customer retention tool (geo-fencing is optional). Rounding out its product line is “Genie BHPH” a powerful SAAS Buy Here Pay Here application. Purveyors of business development solutions for the automotive industry, we work with manufactures and auto retailers of every size. We are unique in that we work for other software houses consulting them on the latest in business development techniques and site development.

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  • Debbie H

    We are seeing a decrease in phase two collection with an increase in monthly revenue and interoffice communication has never better” Debbie went on to say.

    Debbie H Manager at Corporate Capital

What is Genie Social SMM (Social Media Marketing)?

Genie is at the heart of our new line of Software as a Service Solutions, following a long line of successful Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software for Auto Retailers, we have used key logic points to publish the industries first Social Media Marketing (SMM) solution. Genie SMM is a complete application which works on all devices such as but not limited to smart phones-all carriers, desk top computers on all operating systems such as Windows, Apple, Linux, Laptops active internet connection and you or your sales agents can be fully connected to their customer base anywhere securely with the latest  technology . Harvest new leads, protect the dealers reputation buy listening to the social chatter or use our patent pending technology to target market customers based upon their social profile. An easy example may be to market the new 45K SUV to the executive during the week outdoors men on the weekend who Kayaks and climbed half dome last summer. This is truly game changing application, powerful enough for agencies easy enough to use inside a dealership. We are protective of the feature set of Genie SMM it will certainly be copied and be reversed engineered over the next couple of months, we are already years ahead, when they catch us we will be releasing a newer version. A lot of buzz is around the internet about Dealer Compass. We are ready today to empower your dealership. Please give us a call we will show you around, we have a limited amount of early adopter seats available-

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Genie Social …its more than harvesting! Use our powerful full feature marketing tool to case your marketing campaigns on social profiles.

Genie BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) cloud based solution, scaleable and robust

Genie is our latest application to the new line of Software as a Service Solutions. Taking advantage of the framework of Genie Social, Genie Buy Here Pay Here is easy to use and manages the collection process by allowing the dealership to build out collection processes. Follow the color coded calendar with a customer that has falling behind. Quickly address the task scheduled for the day or add additional notes or outcomes until payment is made. An efficient department will generate more revenue, allow for more inventory which leads to higher month end profits. Genie was created in the burning heat of the Arizona desert for a prestigious dealer group. Priced for even the smallest of dealerships with the feature set to satisfy needs of even the largest of dealer groups. We are a partners for a buy here pay here conference 2015.
Genie Buy

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Genie BhPH …its more than harvesting! Use our powerful full feature marketing tool to case your marketing campaigns on social profiles.

Daily Driver, A Dealer Branded Mobile APP

Daily Utilities

Daily Utilities

A digital glove box, from finding the cheapest gas or finding your car after a long business trip you will thank your dealership for giving you such a nice customer loyalty gift, beats a calendar or refrigerator magnet.

Powerful Admin

Powerful Admin

Reduce unwanted call, embedded owners manual, video snacks, unlimited messages, scheduled, multiple languages, geo-location enabled.

Optimized Code

Optimized Code

Designed and Developed for Auto Retailers each application is published in both Apple and Android Stores, SEO value is enough to justify the expense. Your app will get picked up by close to 100 revue sites. Let us show you real world examples this is not a gimmick.


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